Article in the RFID Journal on Apr 07, 2017 featuring our p-link pharmacy prescription will-call system.




Drugco Discount Pharmacy has deployed a system from Suncrest Solutions and EZ-RFID that includes a light stick stored with each prescription order, which illuminates for drugstore employees to make the search for a particular order fast and easy.  Read more here at the RFID Journal...CLICK HERE



Suncrest debuts HangRx/p-link will-call system



A recent article featured on Drug Store News announced the partnership between EZ-RFID and Suncrest Solutions introducing the HangRx/p-link automated light guided will-call system.  Read more here at Drug Store news...LINK to dsn


EZ-RFID specializes in active radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology and through the innovation of p-link, pharmacy's wireless will call automation systems are now vastly improved by greatly reducing labor costs and along with improved customer service.



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