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Legacy Costs……recurring costs that continue over the life of a system incurred through a decision made with technology available during a previous era.

Our products are designed to revolutionize the standards of labor costs and increased productivity. Systems new and old will benefit from innovative updates to these systems working to greatly reduce the ‘Legacy Costs’ and turn the previously accepted standard unacceptable and turning that ‘cost’ into increased savings.
EZ-RFID is a company registered in 2014 in the State of Ohio.
EZ-RFID products are designed to be used in practical application using common wireless technologies to provide visual cues for a wide variety of applications. There is no better way to make something happen quickly than with the ability to draw something to the target. That is the principle behind the products of EZ-RFID. We make wireless systems that turn on a light to attract a user to it for whatever function is to be done at the location. Whether it is to pick it up there, put it away there, or to simply get someone to stand there, we will get them there faster.
EZ-RFID designers can provide stand-alone systems or custom interfaces or middleware for all of our products. We also offer custom engineering for existing software systems and end-to-end product design services.
All EZ-RFID products are FCC and UL compliant and certified.
We make common sense work.

Meet Our Team

Mike MorrowPresidentmmorrow@ez-rfid.com
Jeff RobertsonVice President-SalesJrobertson@ez-rfid.com
Mary SeherRegional Sales Managermseher@ez-rfid.com
Ram SenaDirector of Engineeringrsena@ez-rfid.com


EZ-RFID specializes in active radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology and through the innovation of p-link, pharmacy's wireless will call automation systems are now vastly improved by greatly reducing labor costs and along with improved customer service.



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