Real-Time Asset Tracking System

About ez-trac

ez-trac is a wireless system designed to identify, track, and manage assets at real-time at any facility thereby improving efficiency, reducing inventory management costs and vastly improved customer service.

ez-trac is an ideal system for hospitals, warehouses, and retail locations of any size. 

ez-trac can be used as a stand-alone system or easily integrated with any existing asset management software. 

By adopting ez-trac, organizations can immensely benefit from an easy to use system which installs quickly with virtually no system down time. This can be implemented with practically no changes to existing operating procedures and with very low staff training.

These coupled with improved operational efficiency and productivity translate into reduction in customer wait times and increase in customer satisfaction.


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Enables Real-Time Asset Tracking and Management

  • Provides real-time monitoring of assets

  • Reduced Asset Management Costs

  • Eliminates Asset Audit Non-compliance

  • Reduced Inventory Tracking Expenses

  • Labor cost savings

  • Enables proper utilization of assets and ensures proper planning

  • Fully integrated with the asset management system

  • Customizable Solution



Cutting-edge Wireless Product

  • Completely wireless

  • Provide Real-time Inventory Data

  • Includes location, building, and floor

  • Real-time Notification of Asset Movement

  • Can interface with existing Asset Management Systems

  • True Internet of Things (IoT) solution

  • Installation in hours not days or weeks

  • Ideal for hospitals, warehouses, and retail locations of any size


EZ-RFID specializes in active radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology and through the innovation of p-link, pharmacy's wireless will call automation systems are now vastly improved by greatly reducing labor costs and along with improved customer service.



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