Microcontroller Based Designs

TI Platform, Microchip Platform, Renesas and Atmel Platform, and ARM Platform

Modern age microcontrollers are rich in features, they are miniature, low-power, cost-effective and brain of any electronic products. Microcontrollers typically include extensive on-chip IO and peripheral devices which make it easy to interface with other electronic components on the board.


EZ-RFID team of expert engineers have rich design experience on a multitude of microcontroller platforms, ranging from 8-bit to 32-bit microcontrollers and ARM Processors, in C, C++, Assembly language on various Integrated Development Environment (IDE).

TI Platform

EZ-RFID's expertise in Texas Instruments microcontroller based designs include:


  • MSP430F series, MSP430G series

  • CC430 RF and MCU Series

Microchip Platform

EZ-RFID's expertise in Microchip microcontroller based designs include:


  • PIC (8-bit PIC16, PIC18, 16-bit dsPIC33 / PIC24)

  • 32-bit PIC32

Renesas and Atmel Platform

EZ-RFID's expertise in Renesas microcontroller based designs include:


  • Renesas R8C25

  • Renesas R8C27

  • Renesas R8C1A

  • Atmel 8051, AVR (8-bit) and AVR32 (32-bit) using Atmel Studio 6

ARM Platform

EZ-RFID's expertise in ARM microcontroller based designs include:


  • NXP ARM7 Microcontrollers (LPC21XX)

  • Freescale ARM9 Processors (i.Mx Processors)


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