Miniature Designs

Of late, with the advent of smaller and compact electronic products, there is a need to densely pack electronics so that they occupy minimum space while providing maximum functionality. The arrival of feature-rich, multi-core SoCs with other components have accelerated this cause making it feasible for product designers to bring out compact, small form factor designs for the next generation of wireless, portable and wearable applications in healthcare, home and industrial automation, safety and security.


Leveraging on extensive design and engineering expertise in the embedded domain, EZ-RFID delivers high-performance miniature systems with advanced mechanical and functional design. Our small form factor designs optimize space, weight and performance to achieve the perfect balance of ruggedness and technology by creating multiple PCBs with miniature interconnects.


EZ-RFID has extensive experience in designing products with extremely small form factor and created products such as:


  • Active RFID Tags for Asset Tracking - Size of quarter US dollar

  • RF Module for M2M Communications - 20 x 20 mm in Size

  • Zigbee based Power Switches for Remote Monitoring and Control


EZ-RFID specializes in active radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology and through the innovation of p-link, pharmacy's wireless will call automation systems are now vastly improved by greatly reducing labor costs and along with improved customer service.



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