Wireless Design

RFID, Zigbee, Bluetooth, Lan, Wi-Fi and Mobile

From your personal and wearable electronics, devices at home, vehicles, to business systems and community networks, more  and more devices becoming wireless and mobile and gaining the ability to communicate with each other.  All these are slowly being connected with each other via the ubiquitous IP address, forming an information network, called the Internet of Things (IoT).


EZ-RFID has extensive experience in designing wireless enabled products for a wide variety of applications such as Location Tracking, Wearable Electronics, Home Automation, Industrial Automation, Security and Sensor Networks. EZ-RFID's team of experienced engineers can integrate emerging wireless technologies into your existing designs as well as architect new wireless based product from the ground up. EZ-RFID's wireless expertise can convert interesting ideas to products that are connected to “the Internet of things” using RFID, Zigbee, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, LAN, PoE, or a custom link.


EZ-RFID has deep expertise in creating RFID products using Active RFID in ISM Band and NFC technologies. Some of our proven products are:


  • Wireless Devices for Data Communications

  • Active RFID based Asset and People Tracking

  • Wireless Remote Controls for Industrial Automation

  • Wireless Sensors for Home Automation



EZ-RFID has proven experience in creating cutting-edge products using Zigbee wireless technology. Some of our proven products in this space are:


  • Zigbee based Mesh Networking for Energy Meter Applications

  • Zigbee based Energy Monitoring and Control Devices

  • Zigbee based Home Automation Devices


EZ-RFID has proven expertise in developing products using Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). Some of our proven products are:


  • Asset Tracking using Bluetooth Low Energy Tags

  • Access Control using Bluetooth Low Energy


LAN, Wi-Fi and Mobile

EZ-RFID has wide range of experience in designing products using a range of LAN technologies such as wired LAN, Wi-Fi and Power over Ethernet (PoE) besides GSM/GPRS and GPS. Some of our proven solutions are:


  • PoE based Devices for Asset Tracking and Monitoring

  • Wi-Fi based Devices for Asset Tracking and Monitoring

  • GSM/GPRS/GPS Devices for Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management

  • GSM/GPRS Devices for Machine to Machine (M2M) Communications


EZ-RFID specializes in active radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology and through the innovation of p-link, pharmacy's wireless will call automation systems are now vastly improved by greatly reducing labor costs and along with improved customer service.



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